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Elizabeth Nash - Soprano


My joy has always been to sing. Singing and playing the Piano at school  from the start was fun and gave me a sense of freedom and inspiration which has spurred me on to a career in music.

Starting my music tuition with Piano and trying to master Sight-reading and Sight-singing, I was forever discovering into new songs and music.  Being part of a School choir was good experience and concerts were always exhilerating with an enthusiastic and talented Music Teacher to spur me on and realise what professionalism was, and all that at the age of 11!

My Piano skills improved whilst accompanying school performers, both singers and instrumentalists. My singing soon mellowed with lessons from Charles Corp at the beginning of my College course. Oratorio singing as an Alto gave me many platforms early on.

The Voice developed slowly and after some good advice, I fledged into a Lyric Soprano.

This new voice allowed me to experience the melodies of Mozart, Strauss, Bach, Handel and... Britten, Stravinsky, Poulenc, Messaien? Yes, I loved the contemporaries also!

I hope you enjoy reading more of my website and perhaps listen to some musical examples.               


At Home

 Living in Weybridge with guitarist hubby, two cats, two rabbits and lots of fish keeps me busy, apart from all the musical activities that go on around me.

Elizabeth and Brian
Liz and Brian

Living now in Weybridge with my guitarist hubby, two cats, two rabbits and lots of fish keeps me busy.

I love teaching Singing and Piano to all ages, watching them develop and getting the thrills of successes in exams and performance.

There's never  dull moment as dates are planned for next year's workshops with Missenden Abbey, Bucks; HF Holidays; Denman College and London workshops too. This is all apart from my own concert dates both here and abroad.

Then there are the 2 choirs - my own lovely Wey Voices and the Belles.

They are so busy with learning new pieces, show-songs and choral numbers for Summer and Christmas programmes.

There's more, so please keep reading.........